Continuity Sinn Fein would like to wish all our supporters, republican prisoners and our families and friends a very happy and prosperous new year. We would also like to thank all those who supported us by purchasing papers and tickets during the year.

 Annual Sean Sabhat Commemoration Sunday 8th January 2017 at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Limerick

Assemble  outside the Horse & Hound Bar Mulgrave St. Limerick at 2pm

All are welcome to attend

Continuity Sinn Fein would like to express their sincere condolences to the Duggan family on the untimely death of Michael Duggan Snr. Our thoughts and prayers are with them at this sad time.


Saoirse Nua has received  the following email message today the 29th January 2016

In recent weeks it has come to the attention of the CIRA that members of the Barrett family in Galway have been using the name of the CIRA to intimidate and threaten members of the traveling community. These individuals have been contacted and warned to desist using the name of the CIRA. If these warnings are not heeded immediate action will be taken against them. We would also like to take this opportunity to warn any other individuals who may be thinking of using the name of the CIRA, we will not issue any further warnings from now on immediate action will be taken.

CIRA 29/01/2016

Blackrock Enda and Joan protest

Posted by Paul Kiernan on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Deepest sympathies to the friends and family of Ross Fitzgerald from Limerick from Continuity Sinn Fein

Today faithful Republicans gathered at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery in Limerick to pay tribute to true son of Ireland...

Posted by Continuity Sinn Fein on Sunday, January 3, 2016

Posted by Continuity Sinn Fein on Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year Statement From The Leadership Of Continuity Sinn FéinThe leadership of Continuity Sinn Féin would like to...

Posted by Continuity Sinn Fein on Thursday, January 7, 2016

Csf send our solidarity once again to all the communities under attack by Irish water and their armed wing the Garda Sí...

Posted by Continuity Sinn Fein on Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sean O'Neill in Ulster HospitalSean O'Neill, from his hospital bed in Ulster Hospital, sends his regards to all...

Posted by Irish Republican Prisoners Dependants Fund on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Statement from James McDonagh of CSF DublinYesterday morning at 4am in Carrickmines, South Dublin, ten people,...

Posted by Continuity Sinn Fein on Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sean O'Neill Political HostageWhile Continuity Sinn Féin acknowledges the recent release on bail of nine of the accused...

Posted by Irish Republican Prisoners Dependants Fund on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Liam Hannaway Hunger Strike Now In Week 4Liam Hannaway began his Hunger Strike on the 31st of August.As Liam Hannaway...

Posted by Irish Republican Prisoners Dependants Fund on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The POW Department of Continuity Sinn Féin have been informed that female Republican prisoner, Rose Lynch in Limerick...

Posted by Irish Republican Prisoners Dependants Fund on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

 Protest in support of Liam Hannaway on 25th September outside British Embassy  Dublin at 12pm

All Welcome

 Hunger Strike Enters 22nd Day

 As Liam begins his 22nd day his blood pressure is at 98 and his weight has held at 105  but his breathing  is still laboured. He is  also experiencing dizziness while walking but is determined to continue.

Liam Hannaway On Strike For 20 Days

 Day 20 of Hunger strike at Maghaberry lnternment Camp.
Liam is in good spirits and has contracted a bad chest infection that started yesterday and resulted in Liam having no real sleep and suffering chest pains all last night. His breathing has been severly affected and Liam only managed to drink 250ml of water but otherwise he remains as always determined and strong.
His weight has held at 118kg.
Ketones 4+ blood pressure is slightly down at 108 but still remains shockingly high..He would like to say thank you for all who attended the protest yesterday at British embassy and was given a great boost to hear it went so well.

Continuity Sinn Féin organised another very successful and colourful picket highlighting the plight of Maghaberry...

Posted by Irish Republican Prisoners Dependants Fund on Sunday, September 20, 2015

 Hunger Strike  Day 19 Blood pressure 108, Urine test 4+ ketones and weight 118kg. Liam is suffering from a bad chest infection he only managed to drink 250ml of water.

 Hunger Strike Continues Day 18 Blood pressure 110, Urine test 4+ ketones and weight 118kg.


Update on Sean O'Neill
Republican Political Prisoner
Maghaberry Prison

It has recently become known that veteran Republican Prisoner and terminally ill cancer patient, Sean O'Neill, has being granted "bail" if that's what it can be called, by the British courts in Occupied Ireland.

While this decision may initially be welcomed by all concerned for the welfare of this highly respected veteran Republican, it must be noted that Sean has only received bail to Ulster Hospital in the Six Counties and not bail to his home address in his native City of Limerick as he had personally requested.

This is totally unacceptable as Sean, who is the oldest Republican Prisoner in Maghaberry at 76 years of age, is most certainly not a flight risk and does not pose a threat to any one in any way, also we believe Sean's final days would be better served if he were surrounded by his family and loved ones rather than cared for by strangers. We all have family members or loved ones who have been affected by cancer at some time, and understand that they must be taken care of with the dignity and respect they deserve.

We see this as but another vindictive move on the part of the British administration and we urge them to allow Sean O'Neill to be bailed to his home address in Limerick City so he can be among his family and loved ones to live out his final days.

It also must be mentioned that Sean O' Neill has not being convicted of any offence and is but another victim of the British policy of 'Internment By Remand'.
He and his comrades have been held on remand in Maghaberry Prison by MI5 for the past 12 months without a shred of evidence being produced to date by the prosecution.

Is this the so-called "accountable police service" that nationalist parties in Stormont signed up to?

Is this the so called "manners" that was promised to be put on them?

We in Continuity Sinn Fein demand Sean is released to his family and friends so he can die with the dignity and respect he deserves.

Continuity Sinn Féin
POW Department

Statement Ends


Hunger Strike Continues Day 17 Blood pressure 110, Urine test 4+ ketones and weight 118, nausea has returned today but Liam is in good spirits.

Hunger Strike Enters 15th Day 

At 8am on August 31st 2015  republican Liam Hannaway took the brave decision to go on hunger strike. Liam who is in his forties was one of the men arrested during a raid on a house at Ardcarne park in Newry in November 2014. His condition is deteriorating as the hunger strike now in its 15th day continues, To date he has not been seen by a doctor and has only been checked by a nurse while on hunger strike he should be seen weekly by a doctor. He has lost 21 lbs and a urine test is showing 4+ Ketones, his vomiting has stopped and he is very shaky but is in good spirits. The decision to go on hunger strike is not one that has been made lightly and he is determined to see it through to its awful conclusion if his demands are not met. Liam had asked to wait until after 14 days before releasing any information in order to give prison authorities time to work on each demand.

Some of the factors that brought Liam to strike:

• They are housed on a landing with with UDA, UFF and other common drug dealers instead of with other republicans

.• Access to medical machinery, Liam is still waiting on his CPAP machine

.• Medication being withheld not just from Liam but from almost all republican prisoners at one time or another.

• Doctors appointments, only available once every 2 weeks are now being removed, which can lead to 2 months going by before they get to see a doctor.

• Outgoing and incoming mail going missing.

Maghaberry prison is known for its brutal treatment of republican prisoners. Mi5 effectively run the gaol and use tactics such as isolation, forced strip searches withholding mail etc to demoralize republican prisoners. We should not forget that Liam and his comrades have not been convicted of a crime and are being held on remand. The treatment of republican Sean O` Neill from Limerick who is suffering from terminal cancer is a perfect example of this. In 2010 Liam went on hunger strike to protest being held on the vulnerable prisoners unit in Maghaberry lasting 42 days. During the 1981 hunger strike Martin Hurson died after 46 days, considering Liam`s current medical condition there is a very real possibility of another death at the hands of the British establishment.



Statement Ends...

  POW picket at British Embassy

On Saturday the 12th of September Continuity Sinn Féin held a successful POW picket outside the British Embassy on Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin. The picket was organised to highlight and protest against the British mal-treatment of Republican prisoners in Maghaberry prison. Continuity Sinn Féin members held placards with messages reading Free The Newry 10, Free The POW's and Free Sean O'Neill. CSF members also had a banner with the message 'End Internment By Remand'. There were a number of uniformed Gardaí with at least 8 plain clothes special branch, who as usual took names and details of all those present and pathetically tried to engage in conversation with those present, much to no avail.
After a number of Republican speeches were made outside the gates, two letters of protest were then handed in to the British Embassy by Continuity Sinn Féin, the first in relation to 76 year old veteran Maghaberry Republican prisoner Sean O'Neill who, after being told he has terminal cancer, is still being refused bail to return to his home address in Limerick City so he can be among his family and loved ones to live out his final days. The second letter of protest was in relation to Maghaberry Republican prisoner Liam Hannaway from Belfast who has undertaken a hungerstrike within Maghaberry prison to improve the living conditions for himself and his comrades. This is the ultimate weapon of Republican struggle and our comrade has the full support of the leadership of Continuity Sinn Féin. Thanks to all the support that was received from passing motorists who made plenty of noise in showing their solidarity with the POW's.
We in Continuity Sinn Féin shall continue to highlight the mal-treatment of Republican prisoners in Maghaberry prison.
Later that night there was a Republican function also held in Pimlico, Dublin, in aid of Republican prisoners.

Statement Ends

 Inhumane treatment of terminally ill Republican prisoner.

The POW Department of Continuity Sinn Féin have regretfully been informed that veteran Republican prisoner Sean O'Neill aged 76 from Limerick, has been made aware he has terminal cancer.
Sean was arrested with a number of others in what became a high profile raid on a house in Ardcairn Park in Newry late last year by the PSNI's heavily armed Special Operations Unit, acting on behalf of the British security service MI5, targeting alleged members of the Continuity IRA.
While on remand in Maghaberry prison, Sean was unfortunately told he had cancer of the bowel.
He was brought on numerous occasions to Belfast City Hospital where he received radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment, he was also forced to endure over 80 degrading and humiliating strip-searches and was at all times handcuffed to prison screws when  leaving and again returning to Maghaberry prison.
In recent weeks, Sean was again brought to hospital under heavy armed guard to undertake another serious medical procedure to remove three quarters of his bowel with the hope that this latest operation would be a success.
Unfortunately for Sean the operation  has not been successful and Sean has now been told he is terminally ill.
For anyone to receive this news it would be traumatic, but for Sean it can only be described as utterly shattering as he has repeatedly been denied bail by the British courts in occupied Ireland to be with his family and loved ones at this most difficult time in his life.
It has also just come to light that he has been told by the Maghaberry prison administration that he will not be allowed to return to his comrades in Maghaberry, but instead will be placed in a nursing home or else kept in an outside hospital.
This can only cause Sean further distress as his wishes are to either be released on bail to his home address in Limerick, or, failing that, to remain among his Republican comrades in Maghaberry prison.
This further highlights the absolute utter contempt the Maghaberry prison administration, MI5 and all those who prop up British rule in Ireland have against Republican prisoners in Maghaberry prison.
We in Continuity Sinn Féin once again call for the immediate release on bail of Sean O'Neill on humanitarian grounds so that he can be with his family, as to continue to hold him in this deplorable condition any longer is both degrading and inhumane.
Our sincere thoughts are with our comrade Sean and his family.

POW Department
Continuity Sinn Féin



Continuity Sinn Féin Ballybunion Commemoration Saturday 15th August 2015

On the 15th August at 3pm, faithful Republicans gathered in the seaside town of Ballybunion, North Kerry in what was truly a glorious day of sunshine, to commemorate the death of Republican Volunteers Patrick Shortis and Daniel Scanlon who were both gunned down by the British colonial police force, the RIC in 1917.

The crowd assembled at St. Johns Church in the centre of town and led by the Fenian piper and a 7 strong Republican colour party proceeded to march to the graveyard on the outskirts of the town to the final resting place of the volunteers .A decade of the rosary was recited at the graveside and the flags were lowered as the piper played a lament.The chairman, Séamus O'Suilleabháin of Continuity Sinn Fèin, then called on Alison Diver of CSF Belfast, and partner of Maghaberry Republican POW Liam Hannaway to deliver the main oration.Alison gave an insightful account of the situation in Maghaberry prison, in particular explaining to the crowd the case of the Newry 10 who have been interned in Maghaberry prison by MI5 and the present day British colonial police force the PSNI.

She also gave an update on the condition of 76 yr old Limerick Republican Sean O' Neill POW in Maghaberry prison who has been diagnosed with bowel cancer while remanded in custody. She explained that Sean, even though he is suffering terribly after having chemotherapy, radiotherapy and now having his bowel removed, has been repeatedly refused bail by the British courts in occupied Ireland.

The chairman then called on Frank Mulhern of CSF County Down to speak and give an update on the Republican prisoners in Portlaoise and Limerick prison, two wreaths were then laid, the first on behalf of Continuity Sinn Féin and the other on behalf of the Republican POW's in Portlaoise, Limerick , and Maghaberry prison.Proceedings were then brought to a close with the piper playing a rousing rendition of the national anthem.

The garda special branch had a very heavy presence in the graveyard, taking everybody's details and recording all those present,we also note with concern the presence of undercover British operatives again in Munster openly facilitated by the Free State.This is unacceptable and is an affront to all of the Irish people. It should also be mentioned that plain clothes branch men were openly displaying their service weapons in a vain attempt to intimidate those present. We in CSF view this as extremely disrespectful behaviour to witness in the sacred grounds of a graveyard.All in all a dignified and respectfull day was had and we thank all those who travelled both near and far to make this commemoration a success.

Go raibh maith agat

C.S.F will host a commemoration in honour of the Republican struggle on Saturday 15th of August in Ballybunion Co.Kerry

Speakers: Frank Mullhern Co. Down and Allison Diver Belfast

Assemble outside the Catholic church at 3pm

All are welcome

Know your rights!

 Due to the ever increasing harrassment of faithful Republicans by the Garda Special Branch in the 26 Counties and MI5/PSNI in the Occupied 6 Counties, it was decided at a recently held Ard Comhairle meeting of Continuity Sinn Féin to make available in detail, an account of your legal rights if you are stopped and detained by these thugs in uniform.


The following statement was issued by the Continuity Sinn Féin POW Department

Support Our Republican Prisoners

A Chara,
The Continuity Sinn Féin POW Department calls on the people of Ireland to support the Republican POW’s who are locked in a struggle to have political status as a right restored. The notorious Limerick prison where Republican POW Rose Lynch is serving a life sentence along with charges of firearms, ammunition and IRA membership is not fit for purpose, she is living in disgraceful conditions and forced to live amongst the female criminal population. She is a dedicated and committed Republican and regardless of these poor conditions she is continuing to do her best to study hard and work to attain her degree in psychology. As a Republican she is indeed an inspiration to us all!

The Republican POW’s in Portlaoise prison face daily attempts by the prison administration to remove their hard fought for conditions, and in the Six Occupied Counties, Republicans who refuse to accept British rule in Ireland are rounded up and thrown into Maghaberry prison where they are refused bail and held on remand for years without trial.
The British tactic of internment of Irish citizens is alive and well!

One such dispicable case is that of veteran Republican Seán O’Neill (76) from Limerick. Seán was arrested at an alleged meeting of the Continuity IRA at a house in Newry last year by the PSNI’s heavily armed Special Operations Unit. Listening devices had been placed within the house by the secret British security service MI5. Ten men are now facing political charges in relation to this raid. Seán O’Neill has recently been diagnosed with bowel cancer in Maghaberry prison and is recieving chaemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, but still his requests for bail to be amongst his family at this most difficult time have been repeatedly refused. Lets not forget, Seán is only on remand and not sentanced yet!
It would appear that in the Occupied Six Counties, loyalists, drug dealers and sex offenders are treated better than Irish Republicans

We call on the people of Ireland to show the POW’s that they care for their plight and will not stand by while the prisoners and their families suffer at the hands of those who are holding our country by force. We call on you to demand as a right the return of political status, which was lost in the signing of the Stormont Agreement of 1998. We also urge you to redouble your efforts in supporting the monthly Irish Republican Prisoners Dependants Fund draw, where handmade POW craft and cash prizes are won each month. The IRPDF are currently supporting fourteen Republican POW’s throughout Ireland. All money raised from this monthly draw go direcly to the POW’s and their dependants and is very much appreciated.

We all remember only too well the sacrafice that was made in and outside the prisons to win political status: Will you stand by and let it happen again?
Let your voice be heard and show the POW’s they are not alone in the struggle for political status.

Continuity Sinn Féin POW Department
Statement Ends

Statement from Republican Prisoners Maghaberry prison occupied Ireland

Political Status for Republican Prisoners

Nineteen eighty-one, along with other dates in Ireland’s troubled history was a terribly sad time. We witnessed ten of our comrades die for their right to political status. They, like us Republican prisoners incarcerated in Maghaberry here today, were branded as mere criminals by the British, whereas our only crime is the love of our country. They also exposed to the world what British justice was really like. It is sad to see that history is again repeating itself, only now the British are being assisted by former Republicans, containing the dissident movement of Adams, McGuinness and co.

This is an insult to what these ten brave Republican soldiers died for. The Provisional Partitionist Party have assisted in securing the abolition of political prisoners rights which proved to be a hidden part of the Stormont Agreement. How can the dissident Provisional Movement call themselves Republicans while they are now part of the British colonial system, on the British payroll and strong supporters for British oppression.

Our comrade Rose Lynch is also suffering deplorable conditions in the women’s wing in Limerick prison where she is being criminalised by been forced to serve her time amongst the female criminal prison population. Recently she has been refused access to a visit via video link to her father Joe Lynch who himself is a Republican POW in Maghaberry prison here in the six Counties.
Just because we dont accept the sell-out Agreement we face this harassment.

We as Republican POW’s ask you to support us. We have been true Republicans. All Republican prisoners MUST be granted political status or sadly we could see history repeat itself again due to British ignorance and interference.
In Maghaberry prison today, 34 years after the historic hunger strike that saw ten of our comrades suffer an agonisingly painful and slow death in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh because they refused to let England criminalise them or our freedom struggle, Republican POW’s once again find themselves in a renewed struggle to have political status as a right restored.
Political status is a right, not a privilege.

In our own case, we the ten Republican political prisoners who were arrested in a house in Newry late last year, are now facing a British policy of enforced integration of Republican prisoners which is being orchestrated and controlled by MI5, who it is well known within Republican circles control the day to day running of Maghaberry prison. The Maghaberry prison administration are now saying that we are a threat to other prisoners in Roe House, nothing could be further from the truth and we see this as just a further attemp to isolate us from the other Republican prisoners held in Roe House.

This is nothing new as Republican prisoner Gavin Coyle has been held in isolation in the punishment area known as the CSU for over four years (even though he has done nothing to be punished for) where MI5 have tried to recruit him as an informer on numerous occasions. Our comrade Liam Mulhern RIP was also held in isolation in the CSU and he unfortunately collapsed and died in his cell in suspicious circumstances last year. The family are now launching an enquiry into Liams death and taking a case of medical negligence against the Maghaberry administration. We call on all Republicans to condemn these actions by MI5 who’s sole aim is to cause dissension and confusion amongst the Republican prisoners held within Maghaberry prison, and in turn the wider Republican community on the outside.
It serves no ones interests but the British to isolate Republicans from each other.

At present, we are forced to share a landing in Bann House with loyalists, drug dealers and sex offenders. It is only a matter of time before one of us is attacked and seriously injured or worse by loyalists, and those who disagree with our Republican beliefs. This is in stark contrast to the British backed Steele report of 2003, which recommended the reintroduction of segregation in order to protect the health and safety of Republican prisoners in Maghaberry prison. The Steele report concluded that Republican prisoners should be housed in Roe House and loyalist prisoners in Bush House. We call for Roe 1 and Roe 2 to be cleared of criminal prisoners and to allow all Republican prisoners to be housed in Roe House as the Steele report recommended back in ‘03.

We are currently locked up in our prison cells for 22 hours a day, denied access to any form of education whatsoever, denied access to the prison work shop and also not allowed to attend mass. Despite all this our morale remains as high as ever. Our Republican comrades over in Roe House have extended the hand of comradeship by making it quite clear they have no objections whatsoever to us being transferred as soon as possible.
Any attempt to criminalise Republican prisoners will be resisted both inside and outside the prisons. In the words of a well-known song, “ I will wear no convict’s uniform, nor meekly serve my time, that England might brand Ireland’s fight eight-hundred years of crime.”

Officer Commanding
Continuity POW’s
Maghaberry prison



Deepest sympathy to  Margaret and the family of Patrick Gallagher, late of Donegal and Glasgow, lived as he died a true son of Ireland., from Patrick "Mooch" Blair and Continuity Sinn Fein Prisoners, also the Ard Chomhairle and editor and staff of Saoirse Nua.

 Once again we see the full weight of the illegal occupation of our country being directed at traditional Republican spokespeople with the arrest of Ardoyne Republican and community activist Dee Fennell.Dee and his wife and young family woke up to yet another raid by the political police after a typical reactionary call by Unionist and Loyalist elements through their biased media for his arrest over a speech given in Lurgan at a recent Easter Commemoration.

Republicans have seen this all before most recently with the protracted saga that was Marion Prices illegal internment along with Martin Coreys.We also seen the arrest and charging of Mike Kiely who was arrested and remanded in 2013 for reading a new years pow statement from portlaoaise gaol at a commemoration in Munster.Mike was eventually released on bail and eventually cleared of all trumped up charges.What is under attack here is not only Dees liberty but the very ethos of Republicanism which is the inalienable right for the irish people to defend themselves in arms from all or any aggressors.This is one of the main tenets of Republicanism and as such has to be defended at all costs.It seems a tactic of old is being rehashed with the soul aim of trying to disrupt articulate opposition to the failed Stormont regime and Leinster House.

The tactic has had many guises and most of us would remember the media ban on republican spokespeople and the laughable over dubbing by actors voices not to long ago.Dees arrest and internment has to be framed in the context of where we are and as such with the 100 year aniversary of the 1916 Rising approaching the criminalisation of traditional republicanism and the branding of all opposition to the status quo has to be dislocated from the new discourse of normalisation and appeasement that is currently ongoing in both the 26 county state and the 6 counties.This has the goal of trying to convince those who are gullible enough to believe that 1916 is a done deal and that we are now on the road to the Republic.Those of us still involved in revolutionary republicanism know this to be a falsehood proposed by those who have a vested interest in the continuity of partition be it provo sinn fein in the 6 who are now in the pay of the Brits or Labour Fine Geal Finna Fail in the 26 who will try to make political capital on the historical romanticism which will come off the 100 year aniversary.What we Republicans are only too aware of is that 1916 is very much unfinished bussiness and as such the inalienable right of the irish people to the ownership of her lands and the right to defend it in arms as stated in the proclamation is as relavant now as it was 99 years ago.We in Continuity Sinn Fein send our solidarity to all those who are interned for their political beliefs and to Dees family at this time..
....The right to freedom of speech is one of the principals of democracy..
...Who Fears to Speak.....

Statement ends..

Campaigns of Slander (“The Blackening”)

The blackening of some ones character to suit a personal or political agenda is a cruel practice. The blackening has an ancient presence in Irish history yet it seems sadly that it is most prevalent today within Republicanism.

In Ed Maloney’s book “Voices from the Grave” Brendan Hughes explains how Adams and Co. effectively deployed “the blackening” to remove the old guard leadership of the Republican movement. Adams in particular chose to use the blackening of opponents or even possible opponents for self promotion and this concealed his intentions for the movement he hi-jacked in the early 1980’s until it was completely broken.

All a successful blackening requires is a human being capable of error. These errors will be seized upon, embellished, added to urban myths or down right lies. They will be spread quietly socially and through networks of friends. The accused will most likely remain oblivious to the whispering campaign of slander waged against their name until it is much too late for them to raise a defence. Within a fairly short time frame that persons character will have been robbed from them, their name will have been irreversibly tarnished and therefore their Republican being will have been rendered obsolete. Innocent of any charge and no longer of any use to the Republican movement a Revolutionary becomes a social pariah.

In the history of Republicanism the Blackening appears in the old Volunteers constitution. The constitution directs that any Volunteer engaged in Campaigns of Slander against others and therefore sapping morale will be deemed guilty of treason. This mention not only conveys the severity of the crime but it exhibits something more interesting.

The mid 1940’s to the mid 1950’s proved a horrendous decade of tribulation for the Republican movement, schism, split division etc. a movement emerging from almost defeat but tentatively rebuilding for a new dawn and around split and schism, in amongst all confusion and despondency is the Blackening. This is why in the revised Volunteers constitution which first included General Order Number 8 General Order 13 deals with campaigns of slander.

There is no excuse for anyone besmirching another’s name. Allegations and accusations, back talk and slanderous whispers are the toys of evil doers. Why would Republicans engage in talk of others when there are more immediate issues to discuss?
Is it not uncomforting to hear a Republican spreading malicious gossip about another Republican? Why would this occur? For what purpose? It could not be for a Republican purpose because Republicanism requires all of its participants to succeed. Why would one Republican feel the need to undermine another or render their presence unworthy?

Envy is a terrible illness. It infects those whose positions are built on self imposed delusions of grandeur. These delusions are the product of insecurity. An existence dependent on delusions of grandeur will have forgotten insecurity as its foundation and a pervasive elitism will be expressed as concealment. Those who present themselves as beyond error to conceal their capacity for error, or mighty to prevent them being exposed as weak have a needless but burdening secret affecting their thought process. When they see a being contently displaying their human capacity to err in order to be at one with revolution then these people must close it down in fear they are exposed. Or envious that someone has skill or potential beyond theirs they will level ridicule against them. Terrified in the presence of beings who refuse to recognise elitism through humility the slander begins.

A revolutionary existence is usually a solitary experience and therefore the insecure who depend on pack assembly to survive can effectively attack at will turning a solitary figure in to an icon of ridicule or a social pariah.

When someone is attempting to denigrate the character of someone you have never met ask your self Why? If the person is involved in Republicanism and guilty of the things they are being accused of then unless you are the investigating body then you have no need to know and nobody has a need to inform you. Advise the person doing the blackening to contact the relevant republican authority with their concerns.

If you weren’t there; you don’t know. If you don’t know the person you are being trained to hate then someone presenting themselves as your friend is emotionally manipulating you in to assisting their agenda. Is that agenda the product of envy or something more sinister? Why would someone view you as too weak to captain your own mind? Confront injustice always. Become a Revolutionary by thinking Revolution.

Written by a collection of P.O.W`s (if anyone knows the names please let us know and we will give them full credit)


C.S.F would like to place some facts on record in relation to the recent statements purporting to be from the O.C of Cabhair aligned P.O.W`s held in Maghaberry Prison which has been posted on the R.S.F website.
Firstly the accusations that the 10 men arrested in Ardcarne Park in Newry are “criminals attempting to masquerade as the C.I.R.A”. This statement is felon setting at its worst. These men arrested on political charges have yet to face a court and as such it is unacceptable for the O.C of the Cabhair P.O.W`s to find them guilty of attempted membership of the C.I.R.A. This is an act which does not benefit republicans and is duly noted.
Another ridiculous accusation has also been made in the January statement claiming that these men are part of an MI5 led incursion “with the sole aim of destroying the republican movement”. If this were true it would be highly unlikely that any of these men would be interned let alone be facing serious charges. All of these men would be well known and respected in their communities and many have been P.O.W`s before, the respect these men have earned will be obvious in the solidarity events being organised over the coming weeks and months. Indeed one of these men Sean O Neill ran in numerous local elections under the banner of R.S.F narrowly missing out in 2009, another republican arrested in Ardcarne Park acted as election agent for them on that occasion, other candidates were Seamus O Sullivan, Mick Ryan (R.I.P) Paddy Kennelly (Clare), Donal and Terence Varion in Cork. Every candidate who stood for R.S.F in Munster has either sadly passed away or left R.S.F this alone shows the decline in popularity for this organisation in Munster.
We also wish to place on record that no member of the republican movement past or present were in attendance at any Limerick criminal`s funeral in March 2009 or at any other time. These funerals are well documented in the media and photos and video of them are widely available online. If any evidence of a “republican guard of honour” existed it would have been highlighted before now not in January 2015. What also should be noted is that this funeral took place before the launch of the local RSF election campaign in April 2009 and all the candidates were endorsed by Ruairí Ó Brádaigh who was quite willing to be photographed with Joe Lynch and the other candidates. To think that the then president of RSF would not have heard of a colour party at a gangsters funeral is absurd and an insult to the man`s memory. We would like to also point out that every candidate in the 2004 and 2009 elections are members of CSF or have left RSF.
In relation to the Belfast P.O.W who was refused access to ROE his charges and subsequent jailing were the result of republican activities and as such has a right to be classed as a P.O.W, we see his refusal to be accepted on ROE as unacceptable and only servers to strengthen the hand of the British and their lackeys.
This recent RSF statement also contained an accusation that Joe Lynch was a criminal godfather we can only say this slur only began after Joe and RSF parted ways and follows a similar pattern of attempts at discrediting honest republicans, recent RSF resignations will attest to this fact.
On a more serious note this statement was signed by the O.C of the Cabhair aligned P.O.W`s. This man ia a former soldier of the UDR, Republicans need no introduction to these sectarian killers. We would also like to take the opportunity to mention one Dermot Douglas who up to recently was the treasurer of RSF. This man has been convicted of holding stolen cars for the Bradley drugs gang and is a former free-state soldier in receipt of an army pension.
We have had instances of Des Dalton RSF President crossing the illegal border to stand in British courts and paying British fines, instances of ex British police playing senior roles in the organisation in the UK and the list goes on and on.
We in C.S.F see our job as republicans to unify Catholic, Protestant and dissenter under the common name of Irish, we see this as the only way forward and will continue to work tirelessly to that end.

Statement Ends


Continuity Sinn Fein would like to congratulate the republican people who came out in force onto the streets to show solidarity with our comrades in Maghaberry gaol who were being brutalised by the unreformed loyalist bigoted screws. It was heart warming to see the amount of people who attended and from reports coming from the gaol the affect on the pows in all parts of the gaol was a much needed boost to morale,hopefully the solidarity shown and the links formed will continue and the momentum will be built on,we in C.S.F will be organising a number of solidarity events centred round the themes of ending controlled movement, forced strip searching and interment by remand.

 Harassment of activists continues in louth...

A spokesperson for C.S.F in Dundalk has stated that the continued Harassment of members in the Louth area will not stop the on going work in the area, members have been active in the ànti-austerity & Irish Water protests and also active in their local neighbourhoods engaging with locals on a range of issues including anti social behaviour and other community concerns.recently C.S.F members are being stopped regularly by special branch and members of the emergency response unit, tactics employed by the state include threats, house searches and now confiscating our bi monthly newspaper Saoirse Nua. Louth C.S.F will not be intimidated and will now step up or promotion of our republican ideals.

Statement from North West C.S.F.

Recently a number of death threats have been made against local activists by a drugs gang operating in the north west region but with strong ties to Dublin. These threats have included severe and sick threats to girlfriends of these activists.C.S.F North West will work hand in hand with all those who are fighting the scourge of drugs and anti social behaviour. 

Statement from C.S.F Antrim

C.S.F Antrim condemns  the R.U.C  being allowed unchecked access to schools and there pupils. recently local reps were made aware of a number of cases where R.U.C members were allowed free access to minors without the supervision of a parent or guardian. Its bad enough that schools facilitate  the sectarian militia but to allow access to basically kids without informing them is a worrying development this militia is not wanted in our schools and should be rejected by all right thinking people 

Continuity Sinn Fein Ard Comhairle would like to put on record our outright objection to the presence of British MI5 operatives facilitated by the 26 county special branch at the annual Sean Sabhat commemoration held in Limerick on Sunday the 4th of January 2015.
Despite a massive garda presence in which over 40 armed gardai and special branch surrounded Sean's grave, one of the biggest crowds in years gathered to hear speeches about Sean's life and ultimate death.
During the dignified ceremony it was noticed that two northern registered cars were video taping and recording the ceremony.
Long range high zoom lens cameras were in operation throughout the gathering, and on a number of occasions interaction was noted between MI5 agents and the local head of the special branch.
CSF would like to state that not only do we have MI5 operating in the 6 counties, now we have them welcomed and facilitated by the 26 county gardai.
We see this as an extremely worrying development.
MI5 and its paymasters have no place in the 32 counties of Ireland and the use of a graveyard as a means of intelligence gathering is particularly abhorrent.
We are calling on all Irish Republicans to reject MI5 and indeed all facets of the illegal British occupation of our country.

Ard Comhairle
Continuity Sinn Fein
Statement Ends



Roe House in Maghaberry prison was initially opened for Republican prisoners after the Steele report in ’03.

In the findings of the Steele report it was recommended that Republican prisoners should be separated from loyalist / criminal elements.

Roe 1 and Roe 2 now need to be opened up to accommodate the Republican POW’s currently being held in other wings outside of Roe House in Maghaberry prison ie. the so called care and supervision unit (CSU) and Bann House.

There are now 17 Irish Republican prisoners that are awaiting to go to Roe House and going by media reports on the recent house raid in Ardcairn Park in Newry there will unfortunately be more to follow.

It serves no purpose whatsoever for these Republicans to be isolated any further.

The only ones who benefit from the isolation of these men is the British Security Service MI5 and the PSNI who have them imprisoned in the first place.

End the isolation of Republicans and open up landings 1 and 2 in Roe House now so that they can be among fellow Republican comrades.

Continuity Sinn Fein

POW Department


Statement ends



The annual Sean Sabhat commemoration took place in Limerick City on Sunday the 4th of January 2015. The crowd led by a piper and a seven strong Republican colour party marched from Bedford Row in the city centre towards St. Lawrence’s cemetery on the outskirts of the city. A number of young members of CSF carried pictures of Sean Sabhat and Fergal O’ Hanlon and also carried banners with the messages printed on them ‘End Internment In Ireland’ ‘Restore Political Status’ and ‘Free The Newry 10’. On the way to the cemetery the colour party were called to attention outside the gates of Limerick prison as the piper played a stirring rendition of Sean Sabhat from Garryowen in honour of Rose Lynch Republican prisoner who is currently incarcerated in Limerick prison charged with political offences. After a cheer from the crowd, the parade continued on its way to the Republican plot in the city cemetery where Sean Sabhat is buried. The oration was delivered by Continuity Sinn Fein President Seamus O’ Suilleabhain who spoke of Sean Sabhat and his comrades and of the continuity of the struggle from his generation to the present day. Wreaths were laid on behalf of the Republican prisoners in Maghaberry, Portlaoise and Limerick prison. A former Republican prisoner spoke and gave an update of the current prison situation and highlighted in particular the case of the Newry 10 who were recently rounded up and interned in Maghaberry concentration camp by MI5 and the PSNI in the 6 counties. The piper then commenced proceedings with the playing of the national anthem. It should be mentioned that more than 40 armed members of the special branch and ERU were present in the cemetery taking names and attempting to intimidate the crowd as they were paying their respects to one of Irelands heroes, Sean Sabhat from Garryowen. Some of the crowd commented that the special branch and the ERU in Limerick would be better off doing their jobs and harassing the drug dealers and criminals in the city rather than harassing Republicans who respectfully honour Irelands patriot dead and will always continue to do so.

Once again we see the full weight of the British state been thrown at Republicans in the Newry / South Armagh area.

Three more houses have been ransacked and children have been left terrorised by the actions of this unaccountable arm of the British state.

Three more men have now been interned in Maghaberry concentration camp which brings to ten the total so far.

One of these houses was a brother of a Republican shot by the SAS in a shoot to kill operation in Downpatrick co Down.

Another of the men arrested has served time in Long Kesh in the 90's.

Not only were the houses turned upside down but all the children's Christmas presents were opened and all the children's phones, tablets and laptops etc were stolen.

We as Republicans are well aware of the agenda at play and we are also fully committed to our ideals of a free Ireland.

These actions by thugs in uniform against our families and children will not break our resolve.

We will be organising events in solidarity with these men and will be starting an anti internment awareness campaign.

End internment by remand.

Free the Newry 10

Newry / South Armagh CSF

Statement ends